AGIS S5V Luxury Mid-size Mobility Scooter

elderly scooterAGIS S5V is one of the luxury mid-size 4-wheeled compact mobility scooter with the perfect set of practical features. It comes with the necessary features you need for a mobility scooter. Front LED headlight, dual charging port, front and rear suspension, low back seat with adjustable arm rest which is more comfortable. It is capable of running at a maximum speed limit of 6.4 KPH and can travel up to 20 KM on a single charge.

In regards to the outlook, AGIS S5V attractively designed gear weighs around 57.5 KG with battery and it can carry up to 130 KG. With a turning radius of 1340mm, elderly people will find the handling and steering of this particular scooter pretty easy and comfortable. This gear can be disassembled without difficulties and is quite competent in accommodating in wheelchair accessible buses or MRT.

With a set of flat-free solid tires, swivel and fish-on seat, auto power connection and pull-type handlebar, AGIS S5V compact motorised scooter is one amazing alternative to your mobility aid. Call us now to order!

AGIS S5V elderly scooter