Medentech Disinfectants



Welcome to AGIS Medical Supplies – Authorised Distributor for Kersia-Medentech’s products in Singapore.  Medentech is one of leading manufacturer for disinfectants in the world.


About Medentech – Nearly all international NGOs use Aquatabs to purify water, to save lives wherever disease or infection breaks out. In addition, millions of people use Aquatabs every day to make contaminated water safe to drink.

Medentech’s production and distribution is focused in four areas: water purification and disinfection, healthcare, infection control in animals, and specialised products.

Medentech is an especially trusted partner in hospital hygiene. With its esteer Pharma brand, Medentech offers a full line of approved detergents and disinfectants for the critical hygiene needs of hospitals, medical offices, and laboratories. Our core products focus on

  • hand and skin disinfection
  • medical instrument disinfection
  • surface cleaning in the medical field

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