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Heartway S21 with bag

customised ramp

Customised ramp





Agis Mobility has the widest range of portable mobility scooters available in the market. Heartway S19 Brio, latest Heartway S21 portable travel scooter which weighs only 18.5 Kg.

Likewise, Agis mobility has the Solax Mobie portable travel scooter in our showroom for customers to try various brands of travel scooter available in Singapore.

Heartway S19 Brio NOW comes with upgraded facelift of longer handle bar, LED display, taller and wider seat with same weight of only 27kg with Lithium battery capable of travel up to 20 km.

Yuasa VRLA batteries motorized scooters and mobility wheelchairs

Yuasa VRLA batteries used in motorized wheelchairs and mobility scooters


batteries for mobility scooter and motorized wheelchair

Long Sealed Lead Acid batteries for mobility scooters and power wheelchairs

batteries for mobility scooters or power wheelchairs

Panasonic sealed lead acid batteries used in power scooters or mobility wheelchairs

portable ramp

portable ramps used for mobility scooters and wheelchairs








Agis mobility provides customised ramps, portable aluminium ramps for moving motorized wheelchairs or mobility scooters.

We carry high quality Panasonic, Yuasa, Long Sealed Lead Acid batteries for Heartway and Agis Mobility scooters and motorized wheelchairs.

WE DO EXPORT TO OVERSEAS CUSTOMERS. Please email to sales@agis.com.sg for more details.