Become Agis Heartway Dealer

Due to many enquiries for Heartway motorised scooter, wheelchair and power wheelchair in Singapore, Agis mobility hopes to expand its Heartway’s dealership networks in the following segments:

    • Rehabitation centres for handicap or people with mobility problems,
    • Recreation parks, tourism areas
    • Healthcare sectors,
    • Security companies etc.

We hope to provide better quality motorised scooter and power wheelchairs to more people to help them regain mobility, go out with friends, to enjoy the scenery, sunshine and regain social confidence to more healthy and happy.

Benefits of Becoming Agis Heartway’s  Dealers:

  • In House Agis Mobility Technical Support
  • Excellent Post Sale Service
  • Genuine Heartway parts support
  • Competitive Pricing & Tiers program discount
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Leads Referral (businesses & end users)

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