Thyssenkrupp Flow2 Stairlift

Thyssenkrupp stairlift

Thyssenkrupp stairlift

The Flow2 stair lift assures everybody get between floors with ease. Flow2 has achieved many prestigious industry awards for design and innovation over the years.

The stair lift uses patented auto swivel technology, which allows the Flow2 to operate on even narrow staircases and enables it to rotate and stay perfectly level while in motion.

By rotating during travel, passenger will always be in the safest and most comfortable position possible.

The ASL (advanced swivel and levelling technology) allows the Flow2 stair lift to travel up and down your staircase while manoeuvring around its difficult curves and steep inclines all in a single motion. This feature allows the Flow2 to be installed on virtually all staircases.

Safety – during travel the seat belt and optional wrap around armrests keep you secure on the stairlift. If the Flow2 encounters an obstacle during travel, it will safely come to a stop. The stairlift is battery operated, which means you can still use it during a power cut.