Safety Tips of Using Mobility Scooter

Always remember these safety tips to ensure the safety of user and others around.


  • Selecting the right scooter size and not base on price

Always find the right scooter size for the user and not just for the price


  • Test drive before buying the scooter

Come to our showroom to test drive different models of mobility scooter before buying

AGIS Medical scooters comes in small, medium and large sizes


  • Get someone to supervise for the first few rounds riding around neighbourhood 

Get someone to supervise the user for the first few rounds riding around neighbourhood

Familiarise the route around your neighbourhood


  • Use on pedestrian walkway or under the block, avoid carparks and main road

Use on flat surface and ramps

Do not ride your scooter on carparks and main road


  • Cross on zebra crossing or traffic lights, avoid shortcuts

Ride your scooter and cross at zebra crossing or traffic light

Avoid shortcuts as cars might not be able to notice the scooter when turning at corner


  • Do not ride or park your scooter in the rain

Do not ride your scooter in the rain as the water will short-circuit the scooter and cause the scooter to stop halfway

Do not park your scooter in the rain as water might sip in the gaps and cause water damage


  • Do not speed while riding the scooter

Always go on a “walking speed” / half of the speed meter as there might be kids, elderly and cyclist around


  • Safety is your own responsibility 

You are responsible to take care of your own safety and others too