Why Agis Mobility?

  • Agis mobility provides excellent quality products manufactured only from Taiwan, Japan, USA.
  • We carry the widest range of mobility scooters in the market, from portable, small, medium, large and customised scooters and wheelchairs
  • Installment plan with DBS credit cards available.
  • Highly competitive pricing in the market

Can Heartway S19 Brio be used in MRT, buses, etc?

Heartway S19 Brio is portable and weighs about 27 kg. It can be folded up and load into car boot, ride on MRT or buses. Can be checked into airlines, cruise ships for overseas travels etc. Tourists or Singaporeans are welcome to rent the best Heartway S19 Brio portable scooters to overseas.

How long can the Heartway S19 Brio rides?

Heartway S19 Brio is fitted with Lithium battery which is capable to ride up to 20 km for up to 115 kg person on full charge.

Can I test drive the scooter?

Yes, we have a widest range of mobility scooters from Heartway and Solax for you to test without any obligation to buy.

You can test drive both brands Solax Mobie and Heartway S19 or various models in our showroom.

Have a good trial for the travel scooters  and decide the best portable, travel scooter which meet your needs.

We guarantee you will be able to make the RIGHT CHOICE after coming to Agis Mobility to test drive the various brands of electric scooters.

You are welcome to test drive the scooter at our showroom for free without buying.