• Motorized scooter. Scooter

    Equipped programmable S-Drive 120 Amp controller for maximum function and precise driver control

    Heartway S17 Cutie
  • Motorized scooter Scooter

    Heartway’s latest 6 mp/h power scooter. It is supplied with an informative digital control panel which is so compact

    Heartway S9 Venus
  • Motorized scooter Scooter

    A medium-sized scooter equipped with a captain seat and 11” black wheel.

    Heartway PF6C Plus Mirage
  • Power wheelchair Wheelchair

    P3DX provides compact size for extremely tight overall turning radius of 19.625 in.

    Heartway P3DX Maxx
  • Power wheelchair Wheelchair

    An Aluminum-framed model features Aluminum die-casting lugs instead of welded ones.

    Heartway HP5 Escape DX
  • Power wheelchair

    Attendant-Control power assisted wheelchair reduce fatigue for nurses and caregivers

    Heartway TC1 Tango


Heartway mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs

Agis mobility distributes state of art, high quality Heartway and Agis mobility scooters, wheelchairs in Singapore. Heartway motorized scooters, power wheelchairs is one of the market leader in the world due to its high quality, sophistication and performance.

Agis mobility work closely with our customers to determine the best mobility aids to suit their needs.

Security companies or recreation parks, purchase different models of Heartway motorised scooter such as Heartway S12 X monster, for its staff to patrol large compound due to the safety of controlled speed and stability of Heartway’s scooters. This reduces the fatigue for staff and increase productivity and efficiency of its manpower.

Agis mobility also work closely with Occupational Therapists or Physio-therapists to customise wheelchairs for the handicap or disabled person. Our Heartway Tango power wheelchair is attendant controlled. It makes it effortless for caregivers or nurses to transit patients in hospitals and homes.

Older people who has difficulties to walk long distance or steep slopes at the parks, zoo will find our mobility scooter very useful and comfortable.

Our mobility scooters, power wheelchairs are featured with great quality materials, comfort and designs for easy maneuverability
and furnished with a touch of sophisticated ergonomics technology.

Drive mobility scooters or power wheelchairs enable our customers to regain wellness and happiness again


Bringing Mobility, Wellness, Happiness to the people

Heartway Motorized scooters,
power wheelchairs are certified by TUV, CE, FDA, ISO

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Heartway Brio S19 Power Scooter
  • Easy one-handed pull fold mechanism. It takes less than 6 seconds to fold/unfold the scooter completely.
  • Contact-less wigwag has a much longer life span. It is less likely to be damaged
  • Folded scooter easily rolls along like a travelling suitcase
  • Built with durable aluminum chassis and tiller with a total weight less than 26-KG
  • Designed to install and uninstall the lithium batteries quickly without any tool or device
  • Anti-theft battery covers to protect the batteries from being stolen
  • Adjustable tiller height
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