SG Enable – Hospital-to-Work (H2W) Programme

SG Enable – Supporting persons with acquired disabilities in their transition to employment.

The Hospital-to-Work (H2W) Programme is an employment programme that support persons with acquired disabilities in their transition to work. H2W will help clients to identify personal goals that are achievable and manageable that clients can feel confident in achieving.

Key Features of H2W

  • Rehabilitation – Coordination of rehabilitation and social needs with care professional.
  • Reintegration – Vocational needs assessment & Personal development and skills training.
  • Employment – Job referrals and interviews & Employment and onsite job support

Who is eligible for Hospital-to-Work (H2W) Programme?

  • Singapore Citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents
  • Motivated and with potential to work
  • Fulfils disability criteria* and requires other forms of social support

*Disabilities supported are: intellectual disability, physical disability, hearing impairment and visual impairment.

For more information about Hospital-to-Work programme, visit SG Enable website at or call 1800 8585 885.

AGIS Medical support SG Enable H2W programme with their outreach efforts.

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