How To Maintain My Mobility Scooter / Motorised Wheelchair

4 Tips to Maintain My PMA

  • Check for worn out wheels

Ensure the wheel is not worn out as it might be slippery

Ensure the tyres pressure is enough

Get solid tyres as they are free of maintenance and puncture proof


  • Check for any loose external parts

Look out for any loose bolts and nuts


  • Keep your PMA dry

Avoid riding your PMA in the rain, always look for shelter

Water might cause short circuit and corrosion to the electrical components


  • Charge your battery after every use

PMA needs power to move therefore always charge it full after every use

Avoid draining the battery (below 30%) as you might get stuck outside and will also cause damage to the battery

If the PMA is running out of power faster than usual or the battery is not able to hold a full charge then you might need to replace a new set of batteries

Always look for the authorised dealer for repairs as they will have the original parts for your PMA


Every mobility scooter or motorised wheelchair can last with good riding habits and yearly maintenance, you definitely can maximise its full life span.

*AGIS Medical offer repair services for our AGIS models only.