MaxiCare 3-1 Alternating Cells Pressure Relief Mattress



The MaxiCare 4.5 inch tubular overlay medical air mattress is an advanced multi-functional microcontroller programmed 7.0-14L Dual pump dynamic mattress overlay system. The pump has 30 minutes static mode and alternate mode with 4 selectable cycle time. To ensure patient’s safety, the pump has audiovisual low pressure, power failure, and service alarms. 

  • The SuperCare Alternating enhances the comfort for the patient by fully re-inflate all sets of air cells before the next set of air cells deflates.
  • Adjustable analog dial comfort control.
  • The innovative Low Air Loss design effectively reduces the moisture and skin heat on the support surface by periodically providing a high volume of low air loss relief.
  • Four Selectable 6, 9, 12 & 25 minutes alternating cycle time and static mode for nursing procedure.
  • Audiovisual alarms (power failure, low pressure, and service alarm).Medical grade vapour permeable and spill resistance with fire retardant cover keeps the moisture away from patient’s skin.
  • Two high quality moulded-tooth zippers cover for easy replacement and laundry.
  • Dual-way “Quick-CPR” provides immediate mattress deflation in case of emergency – FDA; CE; ISO13485

Technical Specifications

Pump Mattress
Model P06B Model 4.5″ Overlay T07
Dimension 345*115*185mm(L*W*H) Dimension L80” x W34″ x H4.5″
Supply Voltage 230/50Hz No of Cells 18
Alternating Type 3 tube alternating Cell Material Nylon-TPU
Flowrate (litre) 7 – 14L Top Cover Material Nylon-PU
Control Panel Digital Keypad Mattress Base Material 4-way stretch Polyester-PU
Mode Alternate & Static Pillow Section Yes – top 3 cells
Full Cycle Time (min) Selectable 6/9/12/25 mins Cell on Cell Design No
Alarm Audiovisual Alarms Independent Low Air Lose Yes
Press Ranges 10-56mmHg CPR Quick Release
Power Cord Type  Undetachable Maximum Weight 145KG
Warranty 1 yr Warranty 1 yr