Hospital Bed / Air Mattress

Hospital Bed and Air Mattress

Hospital Bed and Home Care Bed are essential for patients, they maximise comfort for patients who use them for extended periods of time. The automated function enable patient to make adjustments to the position and elevation of the bed. This will allow for movement as well as periodic change of pressure points on the body, thereby improving blood circulation and prevent pressure sore on the bodies.

Caring for loved ones who is bed ridden can also takes a toll on the care giver with common complaint of back pain from frequent bend down to administer care. Hospital beds enable caregivers to elevate their patients to a level at which they can care for them without straining their own bodies in the process. This allows the caregivers to care for their loved ones without injuring themselves.

Secondly, selecting the right mattress is also a critical factor to give the patient maximum comfort in the course of recovery. One may consider a good quality memory foam mattress with good density to provide better support and most importantly, easy maintenance.

Lastly, for critical care and bed sore prevention, an alternating tubular air cell air mattress is recommended for the patients. AGIS 7H 3-1 Semi-Digital alternating air mattress has the best comfort as it alternates every other 3 air cell during each alternating cycle. In each alternating cycle, 33% of the mattress is deflated and 66% is inflated, this means the body has more support by 66% compared to AGIS 7H 2-1 alternating air mattress which is only 50%.

Here is an article by on why prolonged bed rest isn’t good.

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hospital bed


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