AGIS S7 3 Wheeled Small Size Mobility Scooter

elderly scooter

The AGIS S7 3 wheeled small size luxury mobility scooter is a basic model for beginners. AGIS S7 is able to manoeuvre in tight spaces and has the smallest turning radius. Comes one wide angle rear mirror. Equipped with 22Ah/12V x 2 batteries and estimated cruising range of 20km, this AGIS S7 surely will be able to cover your daily needs around the neighbourhood.

AGIS S7 Specifications

Scooter size (L x W x H) 965 X 490 X 920 / 38 X 19.3 X 36.2 (inch)
Base weight include battery 38KG
Battery Weight 14KG
Seat Size 450mm / 18inch swivel chair
Front Wheel 200 X 65 mm / 8 X 2.5 inch (Black Solid Tire)
Rear Wheel 200 X 65 mm / 8 X 2.5 inch (Black Solid Tire)
Anti-tip Wheel 2″/50mm
Battery 12V 22AH x 2pcs
Charger Input AC 100 – 240V, Output 24V, 2 Amp
Drive System Direct drive / Rear wheel
Motor 270W / 4700RPM
Turning Radius 817mm / 32.2inch
MAX. speed 6 KPH
Estimated Cruising range 20KM
Weight capacity 115KG
Maximum Climbing Angle 6~8°
Controller PG 70A
*All features and specifications are subjected to change without notice.

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