AGIS Power-Assist for Manual Wheelchair

wheelchair battery assist AGIS Power-Assist for manual wheelchair will turn most manual wheelchairs into caregiver-controlled powered manual wheelchairs. AGIS Power-Assist takes the strain out of pushing a heavy wheelchair user and makes pushing easier for ramps and gradients. This dual wheel AGIS Power-Assist can be easily fitted and removed within seconds, and adapts to fit most wheelchair sizes.

Agis Powerstroll


  • Allows speed of up to 6.4KPH
  • Travels up to 10KM on a full battery charge
  • Easily  fitted or removed within seconds
  • VR2 50A controller features a fully programmable and comprehensive fault management system
  • Push and slide-away battery removal slot
  • It is very portable, making transportation easy and simple
  • Fits most standard wheelchairs up to 20” seat width
  • Comes with a Carry Holdall with shoulder strap
  • Simple to manoeuvre and reverse
  • The Power-Assist unit has a powerful 200 watt, 24V motor, capable of coping with most terrains
  • Maintenance free airline friendly 24V 12ah valve regulated sealed lead acid battery pack
  • 1.8A charger as standard for off-board charging
  • Height adaptor brackets are available to allow the telescopic bar at the front of the powerpack to be installed at its standard height or at a new height approx. 2” (5cm) lower
  • This is ideal for installation on wheelchairs, that have a higher or lower horizontal bar or lack a hemi-shape
  • The brackets are supplied in pairs with all required fasteners

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Power Assist size ( L x W x H )

880 X 400 X 390mm (34.6″x15.7″x15.3″)

Base weight 47.7 kg
Battery weight 19.3 kg
Total weight 30.5 kg

VR2 50A

Rear Wheel

100 X 225mm x 2pcs Solid Tire (4″ x 9″)

Anti-tip wheel 4″ / 100mm

12 AH 12V X 2 (Optional 20AH)

Charger 1.8A Off-Board
Charging Time >6 hours
Motor 200W 4700rpm


Max. speed


Est. Cruising range 6 ~ 10 km
Weight capacity 250lbs / 115kg
Maximum climbing angle <6°

* All features and specifications are subject to change without notice