Haier Medical Oxygen Concentrator

Haier biomedical medical oxygen concentrator jay-10

Haier Medical Oxygen Concentrator is beneficial to cure respiratory, heart, cardiovascular and chronic pulmonary diseases, as well as other diseases requiring concentrated oxygen as key examples. One example is Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) which requires at least 15 hours a day. For more details visit SGH website.

HAIER JAY-10 comes in dual flows model which has flow rate of 0-10 liter per minute. It is mounted on castors wheel so that the unit is movable around in the house. Optional features are available as add-on.

Haier Medical Oxygen Concentrator Features

  1. Dual Flow Model High quality humidifier with 6PSI pressure release
  2. Multiple Alarms Multiple alarms are optional to guarantee stable performance
  3. Innovative “Cooling” Safe and secure, improved reliability, extended life of unit
  4. Sieve Bed Imported lithium molecular sieve durable, high efficiency
  5. Large LCD Display Operates continuously for 24h* 365days
  6. Medical Grade Material Environmentally friendly material
  7. Product Parameters Outlet Pressure (MPA) – 0.04-0.07 (6-10PSI) Consumption (W) – ≤880
Flow Rate0-5LPM / 0-8LPM/ 0-10LPM
Net Weight26KG / 26KG/ 27KG
Size365 x 375 x 600mm
Purity93% (±3%)
Outlet Pressure0/04 – 0.07MPA (6-10PSI)
Noise Level 50db
Power Consumption 550w / 550w / 880w
LCD DisplaySwitch time,
Operating pressure,
Present working time,
Accumulated working time,
Presetting time from 10mins to 40hours
Alarm FaultPower failure
High and low pressure

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Export to Myanmar direct is possible through AGIS Medical partner there.