Thyssenkrupp stairlift / chairlift

Thessenkrupp stairlift or chair lift is available in Agis Mobility.

Levant chair lift is easy to install, with easy to use features such as hinge rail, swivel seat, anti-crush, anti-blackout with comfort and elegant upholstery which can easily cleaned.

Arm rests of Levant are designed to give full support, when getting on and off the chair.

Levant Outdoor chair lift is built with resistant to harsh weather elements and certified for outdoor use.

Levant Outdoor has an IPX5 protection which ensures total protection and resistance against the infiltration of water and dust into the drive unit.

The chair, drive unit and joystick are water proof. Rails is made of anodized aluminium and uses stainless steel screws.

stairlift, chairlift

Thyssenkrupp stairlift

Outdoor chairlift

Outdoor chairlift